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thought i had already posted this here! used it when i had my 06 STI no longer need this lying around has cable and disc along with case. im taking best offer and up for any trades you have in mind lol.

Simplified version of the professional software tuning authorized EcuTeK tuners use to reflash the Advanced Subaru ECU.

- No need to wait for 10-15 minutes to reflash your ECU like many other systems out there, each reflashes take between 30-45 seconds.
- No more need to mail your ECU to an Authorized EcuTeK tuner for a high quality tune, base maps or custom internet tuning is now available via the internet.

Internet tuning available for the entire world for all countries, makes and models. While being the #1 dealer of the EcuTeK Licensed System in the Western Hemisphere, we are also the ONLY company to offer true custom internet tuning with the Crawford Performance EasyECU.

- No need to worry about losing maps when the battery is disconnected, or when reseting the ECU.
- Designed by EcuTeK for Crawford Performance as the "Easy ECU" solution for ultimate engine management control.

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