18x8.5 +40 white TE37's with Nitto NT555's.

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18x8.5 +40 white TE37's with Nitto NT555's.

Post by SupaDoopa on Mon Mar 18, 2013 3:43 pm

Like the title states, I have some white TE's I want to unload. They have good Nitto NT555's in 235/40/18 with well over 80% tread. Front two valve stems were replaced because they started to leak and will most likely do so with the rears as well. A buddy of mine works at a tire place so I get all that done on the freeskis.

Anyways, the wheels are 18x8.5 +40 with version 1 center caps. I'd entertain trades + cash [trying to fund some coilover and new wheels without breaking the bank in half]. I'm looking for more aggressive wheels i.e. 18x9.5 or 10 with a decent offset so the car doesn't look like a Mexican dune buggy. As for cash, I'm asking $1,750 including tires. These wheels retail at $960 a WHEEL and that's not including tires. This is 1/3rd the total price and the wheels are immaculate.

Jay, 4015334834. I will be more than happy to show anyone pictures or meet so you can see them for yourself. Cash talks. Had a buyer lined up for today and pretty sure he flaked. Gotta love Honda owners.

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