Mahle PowerPak Pistons and Eagle Rods

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Mahle PowerPak Pistons and Eagle Rods

Post by cr4ckfi3nd on Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:54 pm

I have a used full set of Mahle PowerPak Pistons and Eagle rods for sale. Both recently pulled from my motor and in great condition. I’m the only owner. They were meant for a 450whp build but never saw over 380whp and spent 99% of their life at approximately 300whp. The pistons go for up to $600 new, asking $300 obo. The Rods go for up to $500 new, asking $300 obo. I am willing to negotiate a better price to purchase both sets. I will not piece out set. The buyer pays shipping and/or paypal fees if applicable (shipping via USPS Flat rate boxes unless otherwise specified)
Piston Details:
All supplied parts included: Rings, retaining rings, wrist pins.

Power Pak Pistons
The MAHLE Motorsports Power Pak kit is our high volume shelf stock program developed for high performance enthusiasts and sportsman class racers. The Power Pak pistons are predominately made from 4032 aluminum alloy to allow for tighter cylinder to wall clearances, and improved temperature stability. Some applications require 2618 alloy including the Power Pak Plus category. Each kit is complete with a set of high performance rings, containing a low drag 1.5mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm set or 1/16’, 1/16”, 3/16” high performance Ring Pak standard with big block kits.

All of our applications can be found in our catalog.

Power Pak feature includes:
• Forged piston for performance applications
• Fully-machined crown
• Grafal anti-Friction coating on skirts*
• Phosphate-coated to reduce micro-welding and pin galling**
• Pin bores binished on CNC boring equipment
• Deburred
• High strength, light weight steel pins
• Race proven round wire locks
• Low drag ring pak
• Light weight slipper kirt forgings

* MAHLE’s GRAFAL® skirt coating reduces drag, scuffing, friction and cylinder bore wear; reduces piston noise.
** Phosphate coating provides the grey appearance to the MAHLE piston. This dry lubricant coating (not to be confused with a thermal film coating) provides a lubricant film in the pin bores and ring grooves until the oiling system of the engine reaches operating pressure; particularly useful during the initial start-up or break-in of engines to protect against galling and microwelding. The piston crown is still machineable.
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SKU WRX209937I22
Manufacturer Mahle
Vehicle Make Subaru
Bore Size 100.0mm
Wrist Pin Size 23.0mm
Piston Material 4032 Forged Aluminum
Compression Height 30.7mm
Piston Ring Size 1.2 1.5 2.8mm
Piston Type Inverted Dome -22cc
Rod Length 130.4mm
Crankshaft Stroke 79.0mm
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Rod Details: serial number matched with all original parts
standard forged 4340 steel H-Beam
common applications:
Subaru EJ18, EJ20, EJ22, EJ257

price per set of 4: $453.33
fasteners: 3/8" ARP 2000
torque: 43 ftlbs with ARP moly lube on threads
pin fit: bushed
recommended up to 900 HP
length: 5.137 in.
rod journal: 2.047 in.
housing bore: 2.1650 in.
pin size: 0.906 in.
big end width: 0.8420 in.
pin end width: 0.8420 in.
thickness above pin: 0.190 in.
typical weight: 530g
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