Cometic head gaskets, permatrex copper spray

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Cometic head gaskets, permatrex copper spray

Post by gto30us on Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:01 pm

Ok its been 875 miles and the cometic head gaskets have been holding up very well. Ive had spirited driving. im at stage 2 and my max boost is set up at 16 psi and it just stays at 16 psi it doesn't taper down like the stock boost controller would. so ive pushed the engine pretty hard and Gaskets are holding up very good. I also coated them with Permatrex copper spray, but you don't have to. they have a small layer of Viton coating. I just added the copper spray for peace of mind that everything would seal up perfect. If anyone hear needs help doing head gaskets or the timing ill gladly be able to help. This is very easy. Just need patience. this can be done in 2 days, 3 days Max reason is you have to make sure heads are resurfaced even if the heads didn't warp its best to take them to a machine shop. You don't want to do a head gasket again just you didn't want to spend 105 bucks to get them machined. I ve read on Nasioc that a lot of them have had bad experience with these gaskets. But like anything else preparation is the key. If your block is not fully clean of your heads not prepped obviously they are not going to seal right. My 2 cents do it right the first time and you will not have any issues.



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