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Post by Chaz2.5 on Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:58 pm

So, this weekend marks me finally moving out of this S*** I live in on post and to a newish non S*** place off post (though the outside is kind of suspect but the inside is nice!) Anyways, I'm asking for some assistance in packing up the moving van and unpacking at the new domicile. No need to worry about unpacking boxes, just helping unpack the moving van. I can reimburse your time by way of pizza and beer and a free Starbucks drink of choice (have cards) I only have 12 cards to give out though. Not 100% on times yet as we do our initial walk through on Saturday at which time we will pick up the keys. If you wish to help, please respond to the thread and on Friday I will have a more concrete time as far as when I will need help. Oh yeah, new place has a swimming pool, the in ground type! cheers

P.S. If anyone has a dolly that I could use that would be outstanding as well! I have a washer and dryer that will need to be loaded. Also, if anyone has a pick up truck that they would like to bring and wouldn't mind driving a load or two to the new place that would be awesome as well. New place is just past Transmountain, off 54, near the corner of Kenworthy and Blossom so there isn't too far to travel.

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