Chase Bays Brake Booster Delete

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Chase Bays Brake Booster Delete

Post by STi2eNvy on Sun May 12, 2013 9:00 pm

As most of you know, I recently had the engine pulled from my 05 STi to get replaced. While the engine has been out, Rigo & I have been at work on a wire tuck for the STi. Also, Lina over at Buddy's Body Shop has started shaving the engine bay to help us make it as simple as possible. I contacted Chase Bays and they agreed to help out by providing me great pricing on some of their parts that I consider a necessity to clean up the engine bay since we all know the Subaru bay is too crowded. One of the bulkiest pieces under the hood is the brake booster, Chase Bays offers a full replacement of the brake booster and master cylinder for our vehicles at a great price, $199.

I received my Chase Bays Brake Booster Eliminator in the mail and the quality is great. If you like what you see here then I suggest you check out Chase Bays for many more unique parts that they offer for our vehicles. Also, many of us are military and they offer a discount for service members.

Here is a link for this part:
Chase Bays Brake Booster Eliminator

Here is what comes with the kit:
Brake Booster Delete Anodized Firewall Plate
Wilwood 7/8ths Master Cylinder
Brake Pedal Adapter
Pedal Clevis

Once the engine bay and vehicle are done being painted, I will post a link to an install writeup that I plan to do for this part. Also, Chase Bays notes that this eliminator will not work with our OEM brake lines. They sell a kit that replaces our lines with braided lines.

Here is a link to my writeup on the brake line kit which I also purhcased. Chase Bays Brake Line Relocation Review

Let me know if you have any questions about this or any other parts they offer.


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