Chase Bays Power Steering Kit

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Chase Bays Power Steering Kit

Post by STi2eNvy on Sun May 12, 2013 10:09 pm

I've owned many Subarus, and I have always complained about how ugly the plastic reservoirs are for most of the necessary fluids for our cars. Not only are the reservoirs ugly, but the yellow caps are even worse. Obviously I'm a huge fan of clean engine bays, and so once I found out that Chase Bays made a Power Steering Kit for our cars, I didn't even think twice about purchasing it. Their kit replaces everything for our power steering system. It replaces the reservoir with an appealing aluminum reservoir, as well as replaces the annoying hard lines that are always in the way and leaking, with stainless braided lines that make your bay look much better. Chase Bays is the only company that offers a kit like this. At $299 to increase the reliability and appearance of your 02-07 WRX or Sti, why wouldn't you want to get a unique kit like this?

I got the kit in the mail and it was packaged nicely, as all of their products have been. The braided lines are excellent quality and the reservoir is not only appealing, but also light weight.

Here is a link to the product for purchasing:
Chase Bays Power Steering Kit

Here are some pics of the product, I am highly satisfied with this purchase Very Happy

I will be posting up a link to a walkthrough of the installation of this Power Steering Kit. If you are interested in any of Chase Bay's parts, send me a message with any questions!


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