's terrible business practice

Go down's terrible business practice

Post by Bob05 on Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:36 pm

so for about two months I've been trying to get front and rear strut bars for my car. So I place an order with these S*** heads at autoplicity and get the confirmation email. Sweet, its all gravy baby, Right? WRONG! a month later I get an email saying that my order process was revoked and payment refunded. So I call the little bastards and he says that due to the different billing address and shipping address, my order was flagged as fraud. "We attempted to call you several times and sent multiple emails." Well I guess trying to bang becky in HR was more important because I received no such calls or emails, even after checking my spam. So I tell the cunt to un F*** his S*** and send me my order, and I want a discount. He said he couldn't do that but he would make sure that the order shipped that day. Fine whatever, just get it to me. That was on the 14th. Of last month. In the time that has passed since then ive received an email stating that my products have shipped. So I've been raising a small amount of hell at the mail room here. Well the twats at autoplicity failed to include a tracking number so I call to get one, so I can go shove that in the face of the mail room. The bag of smashed ass says he didn't have anything in his system, so he would have to go talk to the warehouse. Pretty reasonable since the order was completed so long ago, right? Well about an hour later I get an email from the knob suckers saying not only did my order not ship, as so previously claimed, but it was on back order for two to three months, would you like to wait? NO I WOULDNT LIKE TO F*** WAIT, GIVE ME MY MONEYBACK YOU CUM DUMPSTER! so after doing a web search and determining with a combination of distance traveled and incarceration time, logging a very enthusiastic complaint in person wasn't worth the effort. So I call the extremely knowledgeable individuals at, they got me squared away with some adjustable whiteline strut bars that can be adjusted for oversized top mounts. So as NWA might have said, F*** AUTOPLICITY.COM

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