For Subaru guys who have ever bricked out their ecu

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For Subaru guys who have ever bricked out their ecu

Post by WANTED on Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:42 pm

So those who know me know that I really don't discriminate on different makes of cars/trucks and own a few myself. One of them is an 05 LGT 5eat.

Car is presently stage 2.8 or higher based on what the masses say, but I don't use that "stage" crap and mod as I see fit.

In my endeavors, I was one of the very few that had an issue with his ecu bricking out in spite of the car never being flashed before. An odd occurance but the problem was fixed with a factory new Ecu.

Now I never noticed this until I started testing a prototype variant of the hexmods valve body, but the ECU has a few built in defaults that won't allow you to go past 120. I thought that odd as I don't ever remember that being an issue previously. But a little bit of time with the tactrix and I quickly figured it out.

So to bring this home, should you ever have to replace your ecu, be aware that there are a few settings you'll need to change with either the Subaru canbus tool, the access port, or the tactrix that you would have previously overlooked on the original ecu.

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