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Post by thewardenwrx on Mon Apr 22, 2013 6:12 pm

Hey guys what's going?
Well my name is Gabriel and I own a 06 wrx.
I'm glad whoever put that invitation card on my car did cause I needed somewhere to get advice from and help and try and help others as well. My car needs a lot of work and its not where I would like it to be since I don't like just anybody working on my car that does not know a Subaru, and sometimes i don't want to do it myself cause I'm afraid to screw something up on my car.
Well like i said my car needs a lot of work and I just need to find the right place and the Subaru dealership is not my place since I hate the guy that I talked to the first time I went in, his name is Abel and he is a total douche and I have heard a few stories about him so yeah its just not me to go back.
I have a few problems on my car that i need to figure out:
Like my steering is pretty noisy when i turn it on in the morning and make sharp turns it will like screech and when i turn it on as well, after a few moments it will cease but it is pretty annoying and loud.
Also i keep blowing a couple of cels: p0244 and p442
I have researched them a bit and did a few things to my car but they never went away, cleaning sensors, fixing a blue t by alternator, looking for all these things under car, gas cap, getting a tune and others. But only thing i have not checked is the fuel pump and gaskets which i heard could also cause one of the cels since my check engine light will come up and cruise control light will blink. I reset them sometimes with my cobb but i would like to fix it right. Most of the problems above started after i got the car then had to replace clutch then all this started happening and getting worse so I'm sure that was the starting point.

So anyway if you can help me out by recommending some place or any advice i would appreciate it, and sorry about the long intro, looking forward to learning from you guys and going to the meets. Thanks again Smile

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New and happy to be here Empty Re: New and happy to be here

Post by STi2eNvy on Mon Apr 22, 2013 6:25 pm

Hey welcome to the forum! I put the card on your car over at cielo vista mall the other day. I totally understand what you mean about the whole not wanting to go to the subaru dealership. If you want some advice, come out to the meet this saturday and I will get you in contact with someone who knows subaru bolt for bolt and i am sure he can fix your car within just a few minutes.

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Post by Chaz2.5 on Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:48 pm

I guess individual experiences vary. I have nothing but good things to say about Abel and the service at the Subaru dealership. As far as your steering, what condition is the P/S belt in? Also, have you ever changed the fluid in the power steering system?

P0244 means you're overboosting (hence cruise light flashing). Are you running a catless downpipe? You can run the low wastegste cycle (i think) and it should help with overboosting or a quality tune will help.

P0420: is usually due to the cat. Sometimes the rear O2 sensor can be to blame. Are you running any of the Cobb maps?

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New and happy to be here Empty Re: New and happy to be here

Post by LaFuriaRoja on Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:47 pm

Saludos and I hope you can get your car running as it should. In regards to Gracia Subaru, I personally found Abel to be top notch and genuine. But if you prefer going to a shop other than dealership I'm sure you can get some direction from the board in where to take it.

By the way just some general questions about your wrx: how many miles does it have and what type of maintenance has been performed on it, also what modifications have you done? Oh and what Chaz2.5 asked what map are you running?

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New and happy to be here Empty Re: New and happy to be here

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