latest and greatest for the REX

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latest and greatest for the REX

Post by mikey_b6 on Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:01 pm

so im finally done with my korea tour, flying into el paso on Thursday night. I got a bunch of parts waiting at fort hood, and a couple in el paso. heres what I got so far...
I ordered the prova d shaped steering wheel, got real tired of hitting my knees when I got into my car, and I really feel like a bit smaller of a wheel wouldn't hurt. the stiching matches the interior as well...
I got the SMY dual gauge pod for my dash, going to be running oil pressure and volts from 2 prosport 52mm gauges, smoked lenses, red back light to match interior...
those 2 are currently in my back seat waiting to go on, and I have gauges in my checked baggage.

here are the parts I have en route to Kaleen...
Perrin strut brace, red tubing..
BC Racing br coilovers..
Perrin silicone radiator hoses..
AEM dry flow wrap (Kaleen gets a lot of rain)

currently in my shopping cart waiting to go, when I get paid..
torque solutions rear subframe lockdowns
torque solutions engine mounts
torque solutions front and rear end links
perrin front and rear sway bars
oem side door moldings (getting tired of shoppingcart dents)

so if you guys have any imput on my choices, feel free to share.. I have my own reasons for the brands and direction im taking this build but id like to know what you think!

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